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About Us

Our Mission


 To provide current information and resources about development and behavior, with articles for parents and professionals, information about research, specifically for children 0-6 years of age.

Our Goal

 set up and to deliver  services in a "natural" environment - meaning that all environments and learning events will be utilized, as well as designing learning situations to meet the child's and family's needs. Services are based in the home and in the community to address goals in the areas of social, behavioral, educational, sensory, parenting and life skills. 

Developmental therapy

  We offer individualized cognitive~developmental therapy for children with behavioral, communication or sensory difficulties from toddler age through elementary school. Sessions address children’s communicative, behavioral, and social/emotional needs. Our services are in the following  locations:  Sensory room for children with special needs in Vaughan  

LEGO STEM program

STEM Lego Camps & Classes For Kids – e² Young Engineers-North Vaughn

Education Consultant

  We offer shadow supervises services and counseling in the summer and during the academic year.Helps the child to be in the right program and set of mind.Also, we will come and advocate for child needs.  

Social Groups

  Our social Groups help kids to develop communication skills,understanding social cues and follow social rules.   

Toddler Therapy

A toddler with autism can benefit from a number of interventions — such as behavioral therapies, development therapy, and play therapy that focuses on his specific symptoms  

Indoor gym

 We are an inclusive facility. This means that the programs and services we offer are designed to include children of all abilities. Our equipment has been specifically chosen so that children with autism or special needs can benefit from using it. Neurotypical children will also find our gym to be a safe and fun place to play! We are the only indoor play facility that caters to children of all ages, from 1 month to 13 years! We believe in accommodating everyone. 

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The House of Development -Autism child therapy and parent counseling-North York,Ontario,Canada

Get directions 9600 Bathurst St, Maple, ON L6A 3Z8

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