I help my clients with the following personal and professional challenges:

Time Management

 Balancing Priorities

Dealing with Relationship Issues

Organization & Planning

Reducing or Eliminating Anxiety Building Greater Self-Confidence


My process produces solutions that are sustainable over the long term as they are based on my clients' strengths and experience. It's an approach tailored to each clients' individual needs and includes 4 steps::

Step one 

Gain a thorough understanding of your challenge(s)


Step two

Developing a personalized strategy incorporating your strengths, new tools, greater awareness and goal setting

Step three

Create "safe experiment" using real-life challenges which are then tested in between sessions

        Step four

Review results of these experiments and make necessary adjustments 



Time management & Organization

Prioritizing and focusing on what matters most

Creating a to-do list that works

Overcoming procrastination and managing transitions

Creating the right structure in your life


Insight into your needs, strengths and direction

Increased focus on what's most important to you

Seeing how your blind-spots maybe holding you back


Greater ability to step back from a situation/decision, giving yourself time to decide how best to respond

Increased productivity as your capacity to resist distractions increases 

Improved mood, stress management and sleep

Increased presence resulting in your awareness of greater possibilities

Emotional Health

Reduced anxiety and stress

Improved mood

Feel in control of your life instead of overwhelmed by it

Maintaining required effort and motivation


More self-confidence

Feel better about yourself and your future

Reduced doubt and self-criticism

Improved Relationships

Gain insight and learn practices to overcome relationship challenges

Understand your impact on other people

Develop better communication skills

Responding, rather than react to situations

Understand the impact of ADHD on your relationships



The unique process I use is based on an integration of my success with clients, training in coaching and therapeutic methods, along with my 18 years of results oriented therapy experience.

Coaching-Harvard Extension school

Cognitive behavioral and developmental  therapy

Schools- kids personal ADHD coaching

               counseling in the privet Jewish  

               schools settings.

Clinics: Professional counseling schools and clinics in different locations  : South Korea,Boston,Israel