Our Medical Services

Child Development Therapy


 we are providing a Cognitive-Developmental Systems Approach for Children on the Autism Spectrum disorder and ADHD (Home therapy only)

Toddler therapy Floor Time



Formal treatment sessions range from two to five hours a day. They include training for parents and caregivers as well as interaction with the child. Therapists encourage families to use Floortime principals in their daily lives. Floortime sessions emphasize back-and-forth play interactions.


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Child coaching


Many of those diagnosed with ADD/ADHD struggle not only with managing symptoms , but also with feelings of frustration, hopelessness, and the belief that something is "wrong" with them. This could not be further from the truth! Couching help to find the neutral voice of your child

Shadow in schools


To have a good shadow in the class room with your child is a hard job. We have the tools to find you the best shadow and training during the year. 

Parents counseling


 These services are for children and teens who struggle with ADD/ADHD, learning disabilities, academic competency, or behavioral control. 

Child Psychotherapy



Psychotherapy may involve an individual child, a group of children, a family, or multiple families. In children and adolescents, playing, drawing, building, and pretending, as well as talking, are important ways of sharing feelings and resolving problems.

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